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 The rebuilding begins... *IMPORTANT*

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The rebuilding begins... *IMPORTANT* Empty
PostSubject: The rebuilding begins... *IMPORTANT*   The rebuilding begins... *IMPORTANT* EmptySat Dec 19 2009, 13:59

As of late, I have noticed a few members that aren't active. Even though, I understand that for most of you is the time where school is in the way but we feel as leaders that the clan has been slipping away due to the inactivity of members. Without the activeness of members, how is the clan suppose to grow? Therefore, we have to take action and re-build on some areas of our clan. Now, this is where I will name the members that aren't going to be with us for a while and the people that I mention will have an brief explanation. To clarify, these are the members are being kicked out because of not being active as much as they should be.

First up is Dougy Fresh aka (Doug), apart from him being inactive; as leaders, Dougy has been a good member by the fact that he has a good attitude, does his best when he needs to, and is proud to be in the clan. If Dougy decides for himself that he has the time to play and can interact with the clan more, by all means, he can re-apply in the future.

Next is Affliction, as I mentioned the new rule which is that "you MUST play at least 15 hours of CS for the past 2 weeks", hasn't been showing for Affliction. Having 3 hours for the past 2 weeks isn't helping us. Besides from Affliction not being active, he has a good set of communication skills in scrims.

For the past month or so, Ghost aka (Small Ghost, Sgt. Ghost) told us that he has been having a virus but never contacted with us in another way. It is his responsibility for letting us know that he's fixing it and doing whatever is possible to solve the situation but he hasn't done that. Ghost for us, expected to be one of the top skilled players in our clan but it didn't show.

*Note: These are the members that I feel is best to leave out for now, if I decide that there is more members that to be named, I will update it.

Best of luck to all of you and we hope to start seeing you guys soon,

- UCU Leaders

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish."
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The rebuilding begins... *IMPORTANT*
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